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Check your passport now to ensure it’s valid through 2021 – renewal turnaround time is running 10 to 12 weeks, and even expedited service is four to six weeks. The shortcut: Travelers scheduled to depart within 72 hours may make appointments to apply in person at passport agencies and centers.

Did you raid your toiletry kit while sheltering in place? Restock those go-bag basics.

Consult the U.S. State Department’s country-specific Covid-19 pages for up-to-date alerts and entry requirements, and ask your advisor about logistics and what to expect on arrival.

Purchase “Cancel for Any Reason” travel insurance to protect your investment against trip cancellation or interruption due to job loss, family emergency, or simply a change of heart due to travel advisories or quarantine restrictions.

2. Sustainable Travel - The Latest in Travel!

After a year filled with canceled flights and quarantine, the start of 2021 is “a great time to reset our intention to travel,” says Virtuoso advisor Theresa Jackson. “But it’s also the time to reset our intention to travel in ways that will help the world heal and then thrive moving forward.” Here, her top five New Year’s goals for globe-trotters.

Lessen your footprint. Our plastic use increased significantly during the Covid shutdowns. To reverse that trend on future travels, remember to pack refillable water bottles, reusable bamboo cutlery for flights, and enough nondisposable masks to last your trip.

Be a giver. Consider spending a portion of your vacation volunteering, or look to contribute funds and supplies to local schools or antipoaching units.

Buy local. Supporting community artisans and vendors creates a ripple effect: Buying hand-crafted textiles or jewelry from a women-run micro-industry, for instance, often funds children’s educations.

Think small. Along with providing an intimate experience, smaller lodgings tend to be more effective in using renewable energy sources and providing locally grown food and carbon-free tours via electric vehicle or on foot.

Travel Thoughtfully!

Learn how to say “hello,” “good-bye,” and “thank you” in the local language.

Respect cultural sites.

Connect with people before taking pictures.

Support local economies and artisan traditions.

Protect flora and fauna.

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